We Are the Origin

She was a shadow.

Forced into a life of serving the queendom before she was old enough to deny them, Brandi was a cultivator of death and the queen’s own blade, reserved only for the disloyal and the blasphemous. Crafted by the queendom and forged in blood, she was nothing more than a tool. She was never meant to have an opinion on whose blood she shed — never meant to question whose back she was pressed into or whose throat she was slipped across.

She was destruction.

But when Freya, the goddess of life and judger of souls, demands that she protect rather than destroy, Brandi has no choice but to obey her new orders. And while abandoning the queendom comes with its own set of problems, being hunted by the people she once called family is the least of her worries when the gods reveal to her an enemy who exists beyond the reach of their power. So, with a helpless princess in tow, she begins her search for a way to fight this impossible enemy and save the realm from destruction.

Because she is the wrath of the gods.

And it was foolish for anyone to forget that.

The Details

What to expect:

🤎New Adult (21+ characters)

🤎Epic Fantasy (original myths and lore)

🤎Assassins being assassins (murder)

🤎All Black characters (unless otherwise stated)

🤎Spice level of bacon 🥓 (no sex on the page)

Genre: Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Target Audience: 17+

Release Date: June 21, 2022

Content Warning: Violence on the page

"The assassins, the worldbuilding, the gods, this book hits on every level. These characters aren't nice, they're savage, and I love it."  — Celeste Harte, Author of the Dragon Bones TrilogyCarousel image“Lockhart’s electrifying debut gave me everything I need in an epic fantasy novel—fickle gods, intrigue, a badass heroine, and a unique world to get lost in. You need this book in your life ASAPtually.” — Amanda Ross, Author of The Witchkind Series“A gritty fantasy world with lovable characters and one show-stopping heroine!"  — C. C. Wilde, Author of Matching Mirrors"The more I read, the more I want to keep reading."  — Aran Lee, host of the Blxxk Anime Podcast"A world crafted with beauty and darkness comes alive in 'We Are the Origin,' and I loved it! Magic, technology, love, and hate are all woven together to create a refreshing take on political intrigue and elite assassins. I can't wait for the next installment!" — Ashleigh Davenport, Founder of Final Beat Comics.Carousel image"I loved this. Beautifully written and detailed."  — Ashley D"If for no other reason, read this book for its world building. The realms transcend time & space, I've never read anything like this." — Rafael Peterson

The Bio

C. M. Lockhart (also known as Chelsea) is a Black writer of fantasy because she loves creating worlds, exploring relationships, and writing stories about Black girls who aren't all that nice. She is the founder of Written in Melanin LLC — which encompasses the Melanin Chat, and a weekly podcast and YouTube channel of the same name — and the Melanin Library, an online database of books written by Black authors.

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